Drony SIT Pilsen

Robotic scout dog for IZS (Integrated Rescue System) support.


Unitree Go1 EDU

Unitree Go1 Edu is a version of the robotic quadruped that gives us the possibility to add our own features. It has a fully open system and therefore we can connect anything to it or upload any software we have developed.



Maximum speed 5 m/s
Weight 12 kg
Maximum load capacity 5kg for long periods, 10kg for short periods
Obstacle/camera sensors Front, underneath, left, right
Camera image transmission Yes (via WiFi)
Maximum battery life 45 minutes
Stabilization mode Yes
Obstacle avoidance Yes (stops only, does not avoid)
Option to add additional payload Yes (anything with USB, HDMI, RJ45)
Unitree Go1 EDU
Pipe survey using Unitree Go1 EDU

Detection, monitoring, modelling

Thanks to the cameras that Unitree Go1 has around it, in the future we will be able to model the space that the robodog pass through. Both in the form of a 2D model and a 3D model.

At the same time, the robot can recognize objects. The most important thing for us is human recognition. If robodog sees any person, it will mark them for us in the form of points and lines between them, which copy the skeleton of a person. In the future, we will use this function to search the perimeter of buildings and nature.

It is capable of climbing stairs up to 13 centimetres high. It can therefore climb most staircases, but if it has a problem, it can simply be carried out using the joint locking mode and the loop that is on its back.

The future in DronySIT

This drone will act as a complement to the Flyability Elios 2 UAV in the future. It currently functions as a reconnaissance machine. Unfortunately, it has poor battery life. With the Unitree Go1 we want to compensate for this shortcoming of the Elios 2. Unfortunately, we can’t compensate for possible obstacle overflights. Robodog doesn’t mind small obstacles and is therefore able to go into the forest.

Forests are a problem for us in terms of finding missing persons. That’s why we are looking for a solution that can cover all possibilities and all spaces for finding missing persons.

Another function of this robot will be a vanguard for the task force that we regularly train with.

All the projects with this robodog will be described on our page, so stay tuned and follow us.

Unitree Go1 EDU with our developed bumper


Robotic dog – practice-led development

Modifications of the robotic dog according to the experience gained from exercises with the Police of the Czech Republic.