Drony SIT Pilsen

Professional aviation work

We carry out work using professional drones and advanced data processing.

Professional aviation work

We carry out work using professional drones and advanced data processing.

Integrated Rescue System and Crisis Management

We are part of the integrated rescue system of the Czech Republic. We provide air support and other services to units of the Fire and Rescue Service and the Police of the Czech Republic in the Pilsen Region.

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We are a department of the Information Technology Administration of the City of Pilsen. We are here to help the development of the industry through innovation, to push its boundaries and to be a professional partner for our customers, an inspiration for young talents and a help for our community.

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DJI Inspire3

DJI Inspire 3 is a professional drone designed for video and photography. It is equipped with a full-frame DJI X9 camera with interchangeable lenses that records videos up to 8K resolution. A significant improvement over its predecessor is the ability to plan a flight path with centimeter accuracy thanks to RTK. Routes can either be set up fully automated, including the camera, or the drone itself can be set to move, with the camera controlled by the operator via a real-time transmitter. Inspire 3 is equipped with nine visual sensors that allow it to detect obstacles in all directions and provide comprehensive protection when flying. In conjunction with the built-in FPV camera, the pilot has an excellent overview of the environment.    
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DJI Matrice 350 RTK

The successor to the DJI Matrice 300RTK which is mainly used for the needs of the integrated rescue system. Carrying DJI H20T or P1 payload and LED spotlight, it is capable of monitoring the required area for 45 minutes. The IP55 rating allows it to fly even in very harsh conditions for UAV operation. It is possible to equip the DJI Matrice 350 with up to three payloads, but as standard we use "only" the DJI H20T and P1 in combination with different spotlights. Compared to its predecessor it has a number of improvements:
  • Extended battery life: The TB60 batteries in the M300 have a lifetime of 200 charge cycles. The TB65 batteries used in the M350, have a lifetime of 400 charge cycles, double that of its predecessor.
  • Higher ingress protection rating: The M350 has an IP55 rating and offers better protection from rain and dust compared to the M300's IP45.
  • Improved FPV camera: The M350 FPV camera now offers night vision and 1080p image resolution. The predecessor had 960p resolution.
  • Arm lock indicator: The arms of both the DJI M300 and M350 must be unfolded and locked before flight. The M350 alerts you to unsecured arms with a warning on the controller, which the M300 cannot.
  • New Controller: The M350 comes factory equipped with the DJI RC Plus controller, which has improved ergonomics, a larger screen and extended battery life compared to the M300's Smart Controller.
  • More stable and reliable signal transmission: The M350 brings an improved anti-jamming algorithm and uses DJI's O3 Enterprise system and a total of 4 antennas for data transmission. The M300 supports DJI O2 and has two antennas.
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Unitree Go1 EDU

Unitree Go1 Edu is a version of the robotic quadruped that gives us the possibility to add our own features. It has a fully open system and therefore we can connect anything to it or upload any software we have developed.
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DJI Matrice 30

As a special unit of the Fire Department, we go out to interventions such as fires, traffic accidents, searching for missing people, etc. We use the DJI Matrice 350 as standard. But the DJI Matrice 30 is a complete copy of it, just in a smaller version.
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Flyability Elios 3

Another anti-collision UAV from Swiss manufacturer Flyability. It is again used for indoor inspections in industrial halls, inside boilers, collectors and pipelines. But much more accurately than before, thanks to LiDAR technology. Of course, this machine will be incorporated into actions for the IZS (Integrated Rescue System).
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Flyability Flying Cam

We are the exclusive distributors of Flyability and Flying-Cam drones in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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