Drony SIT Pilsen

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Inspection of buildings and technologies

We specialize in inspections of bridge structures, process units, collectors, pipelines and supporting structures of production and storage halls. For this work we use unique ELIOS anti-collision drones.

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Photogrammetry and 3D models

Using laser scanning (Lidar), or RGB imaging (resolution up to 100Mpx) complemented by accurate GPS, we create very accurate 2D, 3D models of surfaces and objects.

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Agriculture and Forestry

We use drones with vertical take-off and landing (VTOL). We can equip them with RGB, multispectral, or thermal camera. We have developed an application using AI for bark beetle detection.

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Aerial video and photography

We will take photos and videos according to your needs. We have equipment that has been used for aerial shots of Game of Thrones, Mission Impossible, Harry Potter, Skyfall.

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Application and HW development

We work on the development of our own applications and hardware solutions and thanks to this, we can deliver customized solutions to our customers according to their needs and requirements.…

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Integrated Rescue System and Crisis Management

We are part of the integrated rescue system of the Czech Republic. We provide air support and other services to units of the Fire and Rescue Service and the Police of the Czech Republic in the Pilsen Region.

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Every new contract for us always has the same and only goal - success and a maximally satisfied client.

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