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Early bark beetle detection

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Agriculture and Forestry

Wingtra’s vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) delta wing allows us to take off and land from a 2m x 2m space, which brings a huge advantage for forestry applications. We have completed a bark beetle detection project. We have developed the first version of an application that uses AI to process images taken by a multispectral camera and the output is the ability to detect bark beetle infestation in a tree early before it spreads to nearby trees.

A SARAH 4.0 machine equipped with a LiDAR can capture data for calculations of the volume of logging due to the multiple returns of the laser.

We are members of the international DEMETER project (HORIZON 2020 programme), where we continue to develop our bark beetle detection project together with Czech Technical University in Prague (Multirobotic Systems), with the ability to inspect trees under their canopy using autonomous drones.

Drones in use


This is a drone of the VTOL category, i.e. a drone with vertical take-off and landing. Thanks to this feature, we only need a 2×2 meter takeoff and landing area. In the air, on the other hand, it flips 90° and continues as a classic aircraft. The lift of the wings then allows us to fly faster and, most importantly, to save a lot of energy - longer flights than with quadcopters and other similar machines.
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Flying Cam SARAH 4.0

A helicopter with an advanced control system, autorotation, extensive telemetry and a flight time of over 30 minutes with carried gear. In appearance and the systems used, it is very similar to a classic helicopter, however, our model is operated from the ground.
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Carried equipment

Sony QX1

Affordable RGB camera with high quality parameters. Although the camera doesn't reach the uncompromising resolution of the Sony RX1R II, it is very often used to capture large areas. It provides the greatest coverage per raid of all RGB cameras. The camera can be fitted with a 15mm Voigtländer lens, which significantly increases the size of the area imaged. With this lens, the camera becomes an ideal tool for 3D object reconstruction.
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Sony RX1R II

The most popular and accurate RGB camera for WingtraOne drone. It is a camera equipped with a full-frame sensor, i.e. a sensor of the size equivalent to the size of a 35mm film field. Cameras of this type provide better image quality, as the larger sensor captures more light and can work with higher ISO sensitivity at low noise levels. At the same time, the camera provides a high resolution of 42 MP, making it possible to capture fine details even when shooting from a higher altitude.
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MicaSense RedEdge-M

Basic multispectral camera that can be mounted on a WingtraOne machine. Compared to RGB cameras, multispectral cameras also capture in the part of the electromagnetic spectrum that is invisible to the human eye. In total, the camera captures in five bands: red, green, blue, rededge and near infrared. From these bands, so-called vegetation indices are then calculated, which have a very important information value about the biomass being imaged. Due to the nature of the two extra bands, the multispectral camera is most commonly used in precision agriculture, forestry or water management applications.
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