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Riegl VUX-1UAV
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Photogrammetry and 3D models

The SARAH 4.0 drone equipped with the RIEGL VUX-1UAV LiDAR generates a point cloud with a very high accuracy of 10 mm, a range of up to 1.5 km and supports 7 returns. For photogrammetry and large area models, we use the WingtraOne PPK UAV with Sony RX1RII and Sony QX1 20mm cameras. SARAH 4.0 can be equipped with a PhaseOne medium format camera with 100Mpx resolution. Data for 3D models for the needs of the integrated rescue system is acquired by a DJI Matrice 300 RTK drone equipped with a Zenmuse L1 camera.

We have completed large models for BMW (test polygon and development centre for autonomous driving technology), the city of Pilsen, archaeologists from the University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice, several projects in the most valuable natural sites in the Czech Republic for VUKOZ, as well as work for the Czech Police and the Fire Rescue Service.

Drones in use

DJI Matrice 300 RTK

UAV designed mainly for the needs of the integrated rescue system. Carrying the DJI H20T and GL60 LED spotlight, we are able to monitor the required area for 45 minutes. The IP45 rating allows us to fly even in very harsh conditions for UAV operation. We can equip the DJI Matrice 300 with up to three payloads, but as standard we use "only" the DJI H20T and GL60.
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Flying Cam SARAH 4.0

A helicopter with an advanced control system, autorotation, extensive telemetry and a flight time of over 30 minutes with carried gear. In appearance and the systems used, it is very similar to a classic helicopter, however, our model is operated from the ground.
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Flyability Elios 3

Another anti-collision UAV from Swiss manufacturer Flyability. It is again used for indoor inspections in industrial halls, inside boilers, collectors and pipelines. But much more accurately than before, thanks to LiDAR technology. Of course, this machine will be incorporated into actions for the IZS (Integrated Rescue System).
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This is a drone of the VTOL category, i.e. a drone with vertical take-off and landing. Thanks to this feature, we only need a 2×2 meter takeoff and landing area. In the air, on the other hand, it flips 90° and continues as a classic aircraft. The lift of the wings then allows us to fly faster and, most importantly, to save a lot of energy - longer flights than with quadcopters and other similar machines.
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Carried equipment

DJI Zenmuse L1

LiDAR laser scanner with RGB camera. Using LiDAR technology (a method of remotely measuring the distance to the object being scanned using a laser beam), we create point clouds. We then use an RGB camera to add colour to the point cloud. This gives us a very accurate 3D model of reality. Our applications include monitoring traffic accidents, scanning burnt or crumbled objects. It is also planned to be deployed in other projects such as scanning important objects for the needs of the IZS (Integrated Rescue System), where we will create a basis for simulating and planning a crisis scenario.
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DJI Zenmuse H20T

The most commonly used for the need of the IZS (Integrated Rescue System). Combination of a total of 4 different sensors. But there are also plans to integrate it into our inspection system. It has an optical ZOOM camera for detailed monitoring, a thermal camera for finding fire hotspots or searching for people, a laser rangefinder for GPS targeting of important points and counting their distance from the UAV, and a wide-angle camera for a general overview.  
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GL60 Spotlight

LED spotlight to assist the IZS (Integrated Rescue System). This is the most commonly used payload at events in the dark. It was created as a replacement for the DJI Z15 Spotlight we have used so far. It now has the ability to adjust its focal length during flight. This allows us to direct the intensity of the light much more precisely on the object of interest. It is fully compatible with the DJI Matrice 210 and DJI Matrice 300.
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Every new contract for us always has the same and only goal - success and a maximally satisfied client.

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