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Flyability Elios 3

Another anti-collision UAV from Swiss manufacturer Flyability. It is again used for indoor inspections in industrial halls, inside boilers, collectors and pipelines. But much more accurately than before, thanks to LiDAR technology. Of course, this machine will be incorporated into actions for the IZS (Integrated Rescue System).

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Flyability Elios 3

Basic characteristics

The technological leap from Elios 2 is a big one. The Elios 3 gains a more powerful three-way LED illumination, LiDAR space stabilization, and a more powerful battery for longer flight times and easier battery replacement.

Once again, the entire UAV body is hidden inside a carbon cage that can protect the machine from impact at speeds up to 4.2 m/s.

Flyability has previously used controllers from DJI, new to this model is their own control system including a transmitter.


Dimensions 48 x 38 cm, WxH
Weight 2350g(1900g without LiDAR)
Flight time 9 min(12min without LiDAR)
Maximum speed 7 m/s
Wind resistance 7 m/s
Operating temperatures 0°C - 50°C
LED 16000 lumen
Live stream FHD
GPS No, LiDAR stabilization

LiDAR - 3D modeling

During an indoor inspection, it is more and more often necessary to create a 3D model of the entire scanned object. LiDAR technology makes the inspection much faster and more accurate than ever before. The compressed 3D model can also be viewed directly on the tablet during the flight.

LiDAR is used with Elios 3 both for environmental scanning and subsequent 3D modelling, as well as for stabilising the entire system. The Elios 3 UAV does not have GPS stabilization, but LiDAR will still not let this UAV down. It knows exactly where it is in space at any given moment, so it compensates for even the slightest gust of wind and immediately returns to its original location. It replaces the position sensors on the Elios 2.

View of LiDAR

Main RGB camera

Sensor 1/2.3" CMOS, 12.3 MP
Resolution 4K/30 fps
FOV 114° horizont., 130.8° vertical.
Camera tilt 180°(+-90°)

Thermal camera

Sensor Lepton 3.5 FLIR
Resolution 160x120/9fps
FOV 56° horizont., 42° vertical.
Temperature range -10°C to 140°C
Wavelength 8-14 μm


Range 50 m
Vertical FOV 95°(+-47,5°)
Weight 425g
IP rating IP68
Points per second 125000
Scanning frequency 14 - 20W
Accuracy +-1,5 cm - 10 cm


Inspection of buildings and technologies

We specialize in inspections of bridge structures, process units, collectors, pipelines and supporting structures of production and storage halls. For this work we use unique ELIOS anti-collision drones.

Flyability Flying Cam

We are the exclusive distributors of Flyability and Flying-Cam drones in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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